2017 Favorite(s) + Happy New Year!

Technically, I don’t think these are the best photos I have taken this year, but they do have a strong emotional impact on me simply because of memories tied to them. So, I have decided to put them here.

Also, soon I will feature more photos of the same subjects on my new project that you can check here! Facebook / Instagram follow is much appreciated (even though I am still developing it).

So, this first picture was taken during the summer when my sister came to visit me in Augsburg. I got the feeling that this elderly couple is visiting this church for quite some time so I decided to make them a subject.

Basilica of St


This picture was taken during a field trip I took with my girlfriend to visit this colossal beauty. Soon, I will post more details here.

Walhalla (7)


Also one of the field trips, this sad looking bird is a resident of Augsburg zoo. Maybe sad is a bit strong word, on the second thought it looks like it’s contemplating about something very important :)



So, there it is, that is it for this year, wish you all the best in 2018. and thanks for stopping by and commenting during this 12 months!

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