WPC – Jubilant

Happy as a donkey_25
© Josip Rosandić 2016.

This huge donkey (thought it was a bloody horse from distance) just sat there in shade doing his donkey business as usual, until I came along with my camera. Now, I don’t know whether he was happy to finally see someone of his own kind, or he just likes to be photographed, but as soon as I pointed my camera on him, he started to roll in the dust.

I wish all animals would be like him, you point your camera and the just pose for shot or do something goofy. Most of other rude bastards in the zoo just ignored me…

This entry is for Jubilant photo challenge :)

12 thoughts on “WPC – Jubilant

      1. Not just because they’re funny, but because they have such cute faces, their eyes and long eyelashes, they are just darling animals! :)

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