WPC – Time (Mailath “Greenhouse”)

Mailath Castle Greenhouse
Mailath Castle Greenhouse

Not all pictures can be nice and pretty, so for today’s weekly challenge here is ugly bit of Croatia: ruined greenhouse at Mailath castle. Time was cruel to this building as well as park around it, a bloody shame and disgrace if you ask me!

Too many examples like this one can be found in Croatia, so this post is – on a certain level – rant about shitty state of affairs when it comes to our heritage. There is no special artistic value in this picture, pretty much just like there is no values in most of our castles… also big reason why this picture is in black and white. Bad, bad times…


Just to clarify something, castle itself is one of the newer castles and it is in rather good condition, but it is underused and park with surrounding buildings is in shape described with picture above…


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